01. Create a seller account

Have an online shop for free on our multi-vendeor platform.
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02. Insert your products

Once the account created, you will be able to work.

The Shop Manager is very easy to work with, fully compatible with your computer or your smartphone.

To insert a new item, Product Name, Category,Product Price and a Picture, price have to be all taxes included.

You may add a Label to your products : Bio or Lokal (local).

For advanced users, stock management is possible as well as import of products via CSV or xml file.

To make your customers benefit from your promotions, you can create a reduction coupon or display a promo price as well as discounts on the multiple purchase of the same product.

You are ready !

03. My first received order

Need to prepare an order ?

No stress, you receive an email notification.

Through the Shop Manager, you have access to customer invoices, orders and your earnings. Easily print invoice or purchase order.

Processing your first order:

– Prepare the package.

The customer can pick up the goods or be delivered according to the methods and conditions that you have chosen in the shipping settings.

It is important to fill in your profile correctly:

– Address
– Localisation to find your store on map
– Your phone number
– Opening hours
– Shipping conditions
– Your bank account number to retrieve your earnings.

– A banner picture as well as a profile picture will ensure you a better visibility, on our side we will highlight the most complete profiles on social networks and other communication channels and promote your business.

Was the order delivered or picked up by the customer?

Close the order in the Shop Manager, your customer will receive their invoice by e-mail and your earnings will be automatically transferred to your account.

NO commission will be invoiced to you, only banks fees and 1 euro per command are going to be invoiced to you. Your earning can be transferred to your bank account at any demand and within 1-3 working days, your demand will be treated. Payment for all vendors are made twice per month.

Registration is free as well as the use of the platform. We will care to guide you to use the platform and create an account.

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You don’t know how to proceed ? Ask for support, we will help you.

by email :

By phone from Monday to Friday: +352 621 775 814