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01. About the Local Market

The online platform allows sellers of fruit and vegetables, but also local producers to sell their products directly online without going through other intermediaries.

The customer is happy to be able to find local, healthy, organic and seasonal produce near them.
In a few clicks, securely order your products and have your products delivered or collected directly from the producer / seller.

The Lokal Market is one of the first products of the oki brand in Luxembourg.

by oki doggy – CEO

The need to find healthy and good products

02. Support local production and local sellers

Eating local means fighting pollution and chemicals, it is also helping farmers to make a better living from their profession. Eating organic means eating a balanced, varied diet, without pesticides or GMOs. Organic cannot be eaten, it is lived fully.

Find local products close to you on the Lokale Market, and discover new flavors among all the sellers.

How to proceed ?

Choose your products, confirm your order with secure payment and choose the delivery method:

– Collect in store: you can notify the seller of the day of your arrival via the order form.

– Home delivery directly to you, according to the seller’s conditions.

Visit the store

Are you a local producer?

03. Sell your products online now

Easily sell your products on the Lokal Market and increase your income through online orders.

A boutique that is always accessible, but also target new customers.
Sell without stress right now.
Registration is free as well as the use of the platform. We will listen to you to guide you to use the platform and create an account.